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Toronto Corporate Videographer and Photographer

Focuscorporate is an exclusive corporate photography and videography company founded in 2009, and located in Toronto.

Are you looking for HD corporate photos and videos to promote your business? Focuscorporate is the right company to use. For many years our company has maintained a good reputation due to the quality service we offer to our clients. Our customers are our utmost priority, hence; we deliver your business with a top quality and professional photos and video of your company staff members and company reports or advertisement of any kind.

Just this few years, we have successfully helped many companies grow beyond their expectation. Our services have not only improved the professionalism of a company, it has also helped in marketing content, social networks and SEO generally. We ensure that our customers are happy with our services, this way; it enables us to maintain our integrity and improve the growth of our company.


  • Corporate Videos

    • Corporate Tutorial Videos
    • Event Coverage
    • Live Feed Coverage
    • Conference Coverage
    • School Ceremonial Coverage
    • Corporate Headshots
    • Behind The Scenes Coverage
    • Online Commercial

Are You Ready To Make Your Company Stand Out?

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Corporate Virtual Tour Photography

Focus offers the latest in digital advancements for your business by using our
breaking edge Virtual Tour Photography.
If you’re looking to get that competitive edge or simply take your venues imagery to the next level you need to get in contact with someone from our team of specialists.
We service all types of businesses and venues including: restaurants, hotels,
gymnasiums, night clubs, school campuses, and practically any small or large scale business with an online presence.

We understand your requirements and will use our experience to get your business standing out from the rest.

Corporate Headshot Photography

We offer our clients outstanding Corporate Headshot Photography that we guarantee will deliver your business with the highest quality professional photos of your staff members.

Whether these photos are needed to suit your company website, company reports, marketing content, social media or simply placed in the office, we ensure you get what you’re looking for.
Our success derives from making this an enjoyable experience and also easy for your staff members – photography can be completed on-site or you can visit our studio.
We will provide you with stylish, state of the art professional portraits that will bring satisfaction.
We strive to bring value.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is now considered one of the best ways for you to present your business to the world, it’s a simple and effective way to make your business look more professional, which leads to sparking more interest from leads.
Our goal is to make your business look its absolute best through Commercial Photography

– we want to help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s no secret that no two businesses are alike, that’s why our team put together a
collection of professional photos that will directly enhance your brand. We want to tell the story of your brand.

It’s our priority that you get the right pictures that carry the heart, the soul and the message of your business, and it’s products/services.

Corporate Videography

Our Corporate Videos are one of the many effective marketing strategies that we can incorporate into your business.

We design these videos to let you tell a story about what your business is all about.

This is an amazing way to allow new and exisiting customers to connect with your business, your staff members, your products & services and it will help people connect with your overall values, objectives and missions.

The objective is always to promote your business the way you want it to be promoted, but through us you’ll get all the extra benefits to stand out as an industry leader.

Our specialized team will tell your company’s story in the most visually compelling way. We aim every project to be as close to perfect as possible.

Behind The Scenes Corporate Video

We’ve seen through the years an increasingly more popular service that many clients now request as part of a professional photoshoot or video production service – this add-on service is none other than a Behind-the-Scenes Video.

Filming and publishing a behind the scenes video is such an effective marketing strategy to engage the viewer and give recognition to your business.

It helps spread the message that you’re trying to convey whether you want it to feature the general work that you do or a particular project that your business is working on.

It is a sure way to build commonality and trust.

This style of videos is known to drive traffic to your website, engage potential customers and even give customers peace of mind when choosing you. Small changes often lead to huge results.

Interview Video

Interview Videography production is one of the most powerful ways to communicate the benefits of your business’s products and services to the world.
This is because we’re getting your own personal customers to have a say in your product.
They get to talk about how great their experience has been with your products and services, and you gain more trust and credibility.

A video which involves your customers speaking positively about your business is the best type of advertising, and it will lead to increasing your business’s sales and annual revenue.

Event Coverage Photography and Videography

Event Coverage is another effective method to promoting your business by using Photography and Video Production to let people know who you are and what exactly it is you do.

This is fast becoming the preferred strategy for business and corporate promotion. It’s a simple way to show your businesses value as an active contributor within your industry.

We provide extensive coverage no matter the occasion – large conventions, community events, work meetings, award ceremonies and celebrations.

For your own peace of mind our team of highly-skilled camera operators will ensure little to no interference with any of the proceedings. We believe in professionalism.

Product / Service Tutorial Video

Product/Service Tutorial Videos are becoming a great way to enhance the experience a customer may have after purchasing from your business, especially if it’s the first time they’ve conducted business with you.

However tutorial videos aren’t just limited to showing ease of a product or service, they also make great marketing tools.

Our team of specialists aim to make a tutorial video that can convert leads into sales when marketed correctly.
We create a tutorial video that’s designed to also show the benefits of your products and services – this will instil trust and confidence in your business to a potential buyer.

Client Testimonial Videography

Client Testimonial Videos from satisfied customers have the ability to make your website more visually appealing.

A few short video testimonials can draw quite a lot of attention which will often encourage your visitors to share your content through their social media. This allows you to have more exposure and it makes it easier for more prospects to find your business.

A video testimonial serves as a visual source of information continuously highlighting your businesses strengths.

This can dramatically boost credibility and keep customers at ease when purchasing your products and services.

Our specialised team will design these videos for optimal results and we ensure client satisfaction.

When we share our testimony, we shift our atmosphere.

Why Choose Us?

There are actually a lot of different ways for a company to leverage the number of clients especially those that can become potential buying customers and ultimately generate sales that could make profitable gains reach beyond the expected margins. The success of every business is directly dependent upon the applied business strategies and marketing tactics. However, every business has to innovate to overthrow competitors to reach and maintain the top spot for a longer period of time. To enhance the visual aspect of your company and increase client sales, we recommend you to browse our toronto corporate photographer and videographer portfolio.

Promotional and advertisement approaches are the main keys to having people engage in the brand being marketed. There are a lot of different ways to advertise products and services like sending email newsletters, developing engaging blogs online and of course the utilization of video content and images. The use of visuals and images plays a very crucial role in today’s marketing schemes; and based on studies, these have become the most trending and effective marketing techniques.

Reason Why Corporate Photography and Videography Are Important To You

Using corporate videos and photos have become a vogue in the business world and has helped a lot of brands establish a name in the business world. How? Well, here are some of the ways as to how imagery can augment the number of clients of any business by utilizing the proper techniques:

Captivate Your Audience
  1. Producing absolutely captivating and captivating photos and videos that could trend and go viral increases the possibility of gaining more views and likes especially when shared on various social media platforms. When these content become viral, the chances of reaching more people and fascinating the audience will most likely compel potential clients and customers to click on the link and visit the business website.
Get Discovered

2. When effectively and competently utilized, video content and photos can be really powerful tools to get a brand website to rank in SERPS. And when these business websites reach the first two (2) pages, then most likely more people will gain more clicks from web surfers thereby creating traffic in the website. With awesome graphics and video content also integrated into the website then the possibility of client conversion into dedicated and loyal ones is also a great probability.


3. SEO is an essential component in the marketing industry and in the course of optimizing the business website, the integration of visual content like corporate videos and pictures can make a significant contribution to the success of the SEO strategies. However, the basic idea that should never be missed is that the photos and other video content must always compliment the SEO stratagem in order to achieve business goals and generate profits.


4. Content like corporate videos and photos instantly captivates and grabs the attention of the audience. It is one of the most effective ways to get the message across to people because some people do not just have much time to read blogs and articles. The most crucial of all is to have the audience watch for a few seconds and if the video sparks the interest, then most likely the person will click through and visit the business website creating a greater possibility of increasing the traffic and conversion rate of the website. This then will ultimately lead to the engagement of more individuals being transformed into plain spectators into loyal purchasing customers.